Overdraft Privilege with USECU

We’ve got you covered with Overdraft Privilege!

Whether you’ve made a simple miscalculation or you’ve run into an unexpected emergency, we’ve got you covered with Overdraft Privilege*. You never know when a car repair or an urgent medical situation will pop up but it’s good to know that you’ve got a backup plan when emergencies arise. It costs you Nothing.

Overdraft Privilege*

  1. Eliminates embarrassment at the checkout line. We will pay a check or allow a transaction to go through even if you do not have enough money in your account, so you’ll avoid the embarrassment of the item being returned or the transaction being declined. The transaction will be paid, including the overdraft fee.
  2. Cash available for emergencies. You can get access to the cash you need in an emergency situation like a flat tire, running out of gas, home repairs, or minor medical expenses.
  3. Cash available in between paychecks. If money is tight in between paychecks, you will have access to money to get you through the next payday. This temporary access to cash can be helpful during a financial gap due to an unexpected expense.
Cost of NOT Having Overdraft Privilege Cost of USECU Overdraft Privilege
Merchant Returned Check Fee $35 $0
USECU Non-Sufficient Funds Fee $31 $0
USECU Overdraft Privilege Fee $0 $31
TOTAL $66 $31

Plus you suffer the embarrassment, hassle and ding to your good credit.

Avoid the embarrassment, save time and preserve your good credit!

To learn more, contact a Member Service Representative at 713-595-3400 or send us an email to – info@usecreditunion.com.

*Overdraft Privilege Fee is $31 per incident. Each charge made when account has a negative balance will incur a $31 fee. If multiple charges are made when the account balance falls below zero, the member will incur multiple fees. Overdraft Privilege maximum is typically $500 for accounts opened longer than 90 days; however, could be less depending on the type of checking account. Overdraft fees may be imposed on preauthorized automatic debits, telephone-initiated transfers or other electronic transfers, as well. Additionally, you may opt in to include your debit card transactions and ATM withdrawals. Transactions may not be processed in the order in which they occurred, and that the order in which transactions are received by the institution and processed can affect the total amount of overdraft fees incurred by the consumer. Members may also designate their USE savings account as overdraft protection. If the funds are available, USECU can transfer the needed funds to cover a check or debit for just $5 per transfer. Program is discretionary. Abuse of Overdraft Privilege may lead to termination in the program. Accounts left unpaid will be turned over to Collections Department. Accounts left unpaid and negative for 60 days will be closed.