Plan for the Unexpected with USECU

Life is full of unexpected surprises and unexpected expenses. We want to help our members be prepared for whatever life throws their way.

Great Savings for a Rainy Day

When you first sign up with USECU as a valued member-owner, you’ll open a GREAT savings account to serve as your Membership Deposit Account. Regularly deposit into your savings account to build up an emergency fund to help pay for any surprise expenses you might have to deal with.
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Personal Line of Credit

Apply today and get approved for a personal line of credit with USECU. With a USECU VISA Credit Card, use the credit whenever and however you see fit. Our credit cards are perfect for covering any unexpected expenses until you’re able to pay for them later. You can even advance on your line of credit as needed.
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Personal Loans

For larger expenses that come up in times of emergency, we offer personal loans to help. The approval process is quick and easy so make sure to apply today so you can deal with the unexpected. Trust USECU to get you the money you need when you need it.
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Auto & Life Insurance

Don’t get caught unprepared! The most obvious way to plan for the unexpected is with insurance. As a valued member of USECU, you’ll get access to great money-saving discounts on various insurance policies to cover you and your family.
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